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Decriminalize Homosexuality In India

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The Indian Supreme Court's decision to make homosexuality illegal refuses to recognize the rights of people in the LGBT+ community and puts many of them in danger.

Only Indian Parliament can change the law so sign the petition to show that we stand alongside our LGBT family from all around the world and this decision should be changed back to one which doesn't discrimnate against someone just because of their sexual orienation. Will it work? I don't know. However, we have to try because we have to progress as a society and it's important to show the Indian LGBT community that we support them.

The world is filled with hate, poverty and anger, and instead of trying to come up with solutions on how to fix that we're still trying to deal with two people loving one another? We have a so called 'problem' with people choosing to live their lives in a peaceful and happy manner while not focusing on actual problems such as poverty and victim-blaming and actually trying to stop discrimination that still happens? Equality really matters and none of us really truly have it if not every single person on this earth does. How am I free when my friend is being held back just because of his sexuality? There is no separate but equal type thing.

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