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Bring back Ballot Paper because EVMs are technological Bane for Our Hard Earned Democracy.

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Why Ballot ?? -

  1. Ballot paper method may take few more hours but it is better to loose some time than to loose our hard earned Democracy.
  2. There are several reports of EVM frauds in recent years,but no investigation has been done even in single case.
  3. Many countries Like Japan, U.S , Germany , Netherlands etc had refused to use EVMs.
  4. After spending close to $75 million on its EVMs , Ireland Scrapped them all, because of their insecure character.
  5. All Over The World Ballot paper is the most reliable method for voting.
  6. If People Start believing that EVM are fishy or Fraud happening in the election then it is very bad sign for democracy.
  7. One can easily change thousand of votes in EVM within few minutes, which is not possible with ballot.
  8. In a country with just 6.5 % digital literacy it is impossible for voters to detect that their vote is being diverted to some other candidate unless an expert educate them . With Ballot system atleast one can be assure of correct vote .
  9. VVPAT may not solve the issue as they are also electronic devices.
  10. Some of us will say, :- past experiences with Ballot system are also not good, please keep in mind today media reach is 100 times more than earlier , thus even a single act of booth capturing , fake voting etc in ballot system can be reported by voters via media in hand(smartphone) and corrected.
  11. But that is not the case with EVMs , because an expert is needed to detect any glitch in voting through EVM.
  12. Common man cannot detect technical fraud in EVM , while he can easily detect and report fraud in ballot system.

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