Don't you think our Martyrs deserve better tribute?

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In the wakening of the past national events which took away the lives of our courageous soldiers who martyred their lives in saving the citizens of the nation, it's been quite a prominent point to be noticed that even though the sacrifices made by these martyrs' are irreplaceable, still it is of no use.

Our Print media and Television media can be seen praising the stars, fighting over Hindu - Muslim but they never pay attention towards paying their tribute and gratitude to these soldiers in any manner , be it giving them a due space in the newspapers, magazines or broadcasting any clipping about their sacrifice in their news channels.

According to me and hoping my fellow citizens would also agree that these brave hearts deserve due respect and place in every sphere, be it monuments, scriptures, articles etc etc. This nationwide lockdown has shown one that Indians can unite over a noble cause if their inner-self asks them to, so why not channelize our minds into something productive??

Seeking support of our fellow netizens, I ask them to come forward and join hands in raising our voices all together to give our soldiers a due place in our lives and pay homage to their sacrifice through some of the below mentioned deeds.

1. Define a dedicated column or section for our soldiers/police officers in the newspapers describing what they were , where they served etc.

2. News channels should play clippings about the soldiers, describing about their service to the nation

3. The national channel of television industry, DD national should also play these clippings. They may even dedicate a proper show to showcase the stories of these warriors in the same way as it is described in the Republic day parade.

4. Most importantly, these soldiers should always be addressed as 'Shaheed', else proper disciplinary action should be taken.

All these things are just a small gesture of gratitude to our martyrs whose services will always remain a debt on our lives.

Jai Hind!