Living in a Gas Chamber!! We Demand Clean Air to Breathe!!

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Every breath you take is laden with hazardous air pollutants. The Air Quality has deteriorated beyond belief over the last 4-5days. Difficulty in breathing, itchy eyes and smokers cough caused due to hazardous materials found in the air. AQI on 14 June reads 918 and 15 June reads 970. Such severe levels of pollutants in the air is fatal for all from new newborns to adults and people suffering from respiratory problems like asthma snd heart condition worsens. 

Doctors warned the grit carried by hot summer winds posed serious health risks to the city of 20 million. The city woke up to stifling heat and smog 20 times safe levels Thursday, as strong winds blew dust from deserts in western India and beyond across the plains where Delhi lies. Levels of PM10 — dust and larger particles with a diameter of 10 micrometres — exceeded 900 per cubic metre in parts of Delhi on Thursday, according to the US embassy website. The WHO considers 50 the maximum safe level for PM10. These air particulates settle deep in our lungs which can cause severe health conditions. 

Situation in the city has worsened so far and wide. Only relief would be some rain but with a chocked up sky barely any clouds, hardly rain can be expected.

The city is choked up, if in nature we can't find solution, we have to look for solutions beyond and helicopters spraying gallons of water can only be the solution and need of the hour not praying to rain god's!

We need you to arrange water to be sprayed from helicopters so that the dust can settle. So that the city can breathe fresh air free of hazardous materials. We need fast track action cause lives are at stake today not three or four months from now.

Faster Action!

We need fresh air to breathe NOW!

Help us breathe!

Stop choking us citizens!

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