False 498a case against men for money extortion

False 498a case against men for money extortion

7 March 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ashish Sharma

Fake Dowry charge, False Domestic Violence charge, Fake Cruelty charge....and the list goes on....innumerable charges, innumerable sections of IPC. These are enough to destroy a person's life, liberty, dignity, peace of mind and in some cases, livelihood. Allow me to tell you an incident, that i read somewhere:

"A person X was married on May 2014 but developed an estranged relationship with his wife after 5 years.The sole reason was, that the wife and her family wants to further extort money from husband and his family . The wife has a government job and living in Gwalior separately from Husband

The wife started threatening the husband and his family, of grave consequences. Firstly, they themselves threatened as much as they can, then they start spreading foul stories amongst the relatives of the husbands family, then they moved to police filing false 498a case i.e. to pressurize the husband, via police, to surrender to their evil-demands, and finally filed a bunch of false cases, that includes, dowry harassment, domestic violence, cruelty, harassment, etc. etc.

It took heavy toll upon the physical condition, emotional condition, economical state, social standing and career plan of the husband. But the conditions of the wife and her family was so "unethical" and their approach was so "ruthless and inhumane" that the poor boy decided to fight back.

The girl and her family had the illusion that they are above the law and they can do whatever they want to, by hook or by crook. Along with this, they were armed with the laws, that Indian Judicial system has given to them. They ruthlessly harassed the boy and his family as much as they can.

Eventually, Satyamev Jayate (Truth Alone Triumphs) will happen down the line and Indian judiciary would give justice to the husband and his family. But it would be long drawn battle during which husband and his family would have to mentally and financially suffer without having an iota of fault".

This is the sorry state of affairs, very common in our country. Fake cases are the weapons extensively used by women to blow men out. 

84.4% - Acquittal Rate in 498A cases
73.4% - Acquittal Rate in Rape cases
82% - Acquittal Rate in Dowry Death cases
(Data from http://www.shoneekapoor.com/ )

The above data is just the tip of the iceberg of the atrocities that men are facing in the current judicial system of India. Women, especially wives (of course evil-minded ones) are making the laws, a potent weapon against their husbands to make them "fall into their lines". These pseudo-feminist women use the laws as the GUN-POINT and make men follow "My way or JAIL-WAY (Highway is old-fashioned now)" diktat.

Friends, I m not saying that the laws for the safety and security of women should not be made, but I m highly concerned of their misuse. The life of the poor, wrongly accused person is devastated so badly than in numerous cases, that man decides to even commit suicide.

I m not asking to weaken or dilute the laws, that are there for women, but to make a law, that if, I repeat, IF, the allegations are found to be faux or fake, then the woman filing the fake case would be equally punished.

Suppose, a woman files a 498A case and the court finds it to be FAKE, then the woman should be sentenced the equal punishment without any mercy!!

If the courts will start doing this, around 80% fake cases will be taken back within the blink of an eye!!

The Indian Judiciary should give this message to the society, that if there exists laws and sections for the protection of women, then there should also exist law for men to fight against this false legal terrorism cases 

Article 14: Equality before the law and equal protection of the laws.
Article 15: Prohibition of discrimination against any citizen on the basis of religion, race, caste, SEX, place of birth or any of them
Article 21: No person shall be deprived of his life or personal liberty

 PS 1: It is the Principle of justice that punishment should be commensurate to the crime. In cases of false cases, the person filing the false case should be deemed to have committed the offence and awarded the maximum punishment prescribed for such offence without the possibility of any clemency. Only such provisions can act as meaningful deterrence against filing false cases---Contributed by Shri Monon Dasgupta

To fight against False 498A matrimonial case filed by a Wife in India  to extort a huge sum of money.

There is no provision in Indian Law for a Man to file Domestic Violence or any case against wife.

Watch "Martyrs of Marriage 498A" on Netflix to know more about 498A and how well bodily abled Indian Wives are abusing the Gender biased law to extort a huge sum of money. It was a tool given to the women of India to fight for their rights but this tool has been highly misused by the mass group of Fake Indian Women for money extortion from a husband and his family members.


Need your help to fight against false matrimonial cases.


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Signatures: 763Next Goal: 1,000
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