Stop treating Indians like Garbage!

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We have heard about widespread racism against Indians in the UK back in the 70s and 80s. How would you like it if our own Indian High Commission dishes out a similar experience to its own citizens? These are not incidents that happen once in a week or even once in a day. Every application filed to the Indian High Commission in London/Birmingham are met with excuses for not processing it. Its worth noting that there is no online appointment system and people regardless of being pregnant/old/terminally ill have to queue in the cold weather starting at 6 AM. The online help section does not 'help' either with regards to the documents that are needed for each application. You can stand in the queue from 6 AM to 8.30 AM till you are let in, and then the counter that officially is supposed to open at 9.15 AM opens at 9.45 AM only to be told that the documents you have brought are wrong because the information on the website has not been updated for years and we can't submit the application today. Then you are shooed away for standing in front of the counter requesting information. People who don't understand Hindi are asked to speak in Hindi if they want service. And you will be refused service if you dare to complain about anything or anyone.

The fees have to be paid in exact change (which should not be copper coins). If you say you don't want the change as you cannot go back and come another day just for a couple of pounds, expect comments like, "this is not your uncle's shop where you can ask me to keep the change". I have witnessed an old man standing on crutches after having waited 3 hours in the early morning being told to go home as he complained after having stood at the counter waiting for the officer to come around though his token number was displayed for 20 minutes.

India is growing technology wise, sports wise, arts wise but this display of discourtesy and the sadistic pleasure that a person gains in another's pain doesn't lead us to believe India is growing culturally.

Please join me in petitioning against the Indian High Commission in London so that the rude and disrespectful staff are suspended and replaced by people who have a value of the country's citizens, know how to speak politely and do not treat their own countrymen like garbage.

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