Stop the killing of Asian elephants with high-speed trains

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Especially in India during migration season, elephants walk over train tracks to reach another area. The Asian elephant once roamed from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in western Asia as east as China's Yangtze River. Now a highly endangered species, it has been eliminated from western Asia completely, from substantial parts of the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia, and almost entirely from China. Exceedingly adaptable in diet and behavior, elephants can survive anywhere from grasslands to rain forests, but they must migrate across large areas to find water and suitable food at different times of the year. Such vast ranges have become extremely rare in densely populated, rapidly developing Asia. Due to deforestation and development of the new property, the Asian elephant is forced to walk through train tracks, since their migratory routes and their routes to find water has been disturbed. This causes the death of elephants by high-speed trains.