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stop the extinction of tigers.

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   This is an important issue to us because, tigers are some of the most admired and feared animals in the World. If they disapear no one will be able to see or experience the tigers

    For every one tiger that is protetced, around 25,000 acres of forest are also protected. Tigers help to also maintain a healthy eco-system as they are a natural predator. There are only an estamated 3,826 tigers left in India. Before 1900 around 80,000 to 100,000 tigers in India.
Before independance 1947 around 40,000 tigers.
Around 1971, 1700 to 1800. 

    Poachers are killing tigers for there organs there fur and bones. The Fur of a bengal tiger is worth 15,000 dollars. The bones, and internal organs are worth even more. Exploiting these amazing, majestic creatures for a profit is wrong and needs to be stopped!

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