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Recognition of Atheists/Non-religious in India

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According to Global Religiousity Index, 3% (39+ million) people in India are non-religious while another 2% (26+ million) are atheists but Indian Government doesn't officially/legally recognise them. During census and applying for birth certificate or filing of other documents (where it is necessary to choose a religion) an individual (head of family) is asked to choose from given options of major and minor religions but there is no option for atheists due to which atheists have to choose other option. Atheists deserve right to recognition and should be provided with atheist option in official documents and census.

Link for Global Religiousity Index 2016 : Click here

Getting recognisition will help us in number of ways - 

  • Atheist and non-religious community will be declared a minority and will come under Ministry of Minority Affairs and National Commision for Minorities which will provide us with legal options to report  discrimination.
  • There are unknown number of unrevealed atheists in India due to fear of  oppression from local religious communities or public shaming. Recognition will help us get protection and ensure safety which will let atheists reveal their lack of belief and be open about it.

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