Proper Security for Kids in all Schools ..Rules to be private schools

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Education Minister

Respected Madam..

I would request all parents to sign this petition so that we can get maximum results,share to maximum if you can,we need a change for every school for Safety of our kids..

I want all parents to come together..As per today's Senerio it has become very difficult to trust..and Safety in sending our kids to Schools.Strict Rules to be followed by All Schools..Here are few important points..

  1. Every Schools Have in working Conditions CCTV cameras which should be working..24/7 in all corners as well ,specially Toilets and Closed Rooms.of schools.
  2. Seperate Toilets for working Class like Drivers,Mausis and all..they should not be permitted to enter in School premises toilets..
  3. A lady Attendant near each Toilets..
  4. A Mausi for each classrooms , specially for  till 4th classrooms,for taking them to toilets.
  5. A lady Attendant compulsory for inside Buses ..minimum for atleast till.4th std students or more..
  6. Compulsory I cards to be showed for pickup of kids..
  7. Compulsory Yellow Buses for all schools which are not been every school..with proper bus numbers.
  8. Full verification of Drivers,Mausis,and all staff to be done prior appointing them..
  9. Emergency Medical Help in all Schools to make it Compulsory, which is not seen in all schools
  10. Parents must be informed with clarity in case of emergency..rather then manipulation..of situation.
  11. Private Schools Fees and Bus Fees Increasing Every year..with No Improvement in facilities..

       12. Water Tanks and Dangerous places                  in Schools should be covered                             properly for avoiding accidents

       13.School Bags Burden to be                               Reduced.Compulsary which are not                 been  followed by all Schools and in               turn kids  gets exhausted and Backpain            .problems .

I would say we all want safety for our kids..

Thank-you Thankyou Thankyou �