Make PLASTIC COLLECTION points MANDATORY in industries, offices, schools, townships etc.

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We, as a community,are littering thousands of tonnes of plastic everyday. As this plastic is not biodegradable, it is polluting our land and water resources everyday. Toxic materials from this plastic waste are causing harm to humans and animals.

These harmful effects can be controlled and reduced if we can recycle the plastic items we use every day. Presently, there is no infrastructure for the used plastic to reach recycling centers. 

I request the government to make it mandatory for schools, industries, offices, townships to arrange PLASTIC COLLECTION POINTS and encourage collection of used plastic. This action will give the following benefits:

1. This gives many citizens an opportunity  to deposit the plastic items for recycling

2. It is easier for recycling centers to collect the used plastic before the plastic becomes dirty. This increases the plastic available for recycling and reduces the recycling cost & time

3. This infrastructure encourages more people to recycle plastic

4. This spreads awareness to school children and citizens who are unaware of harm caused by plastic

Please make PLASTIC COLLECTION POINTS MANDATORY in schools, colleges, industries, offices, townships etc.

Let us gift a safe and healthy planet to our children and grandchildren.