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Organize self defense campaigns for women across India

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Man 'abducts' teenager and slits her throat
Neighbour rapes 12 year old girl
Girl raped, murdered in Kanpur

India has always been in the upper bracket when it comes to crimes especially against women and girls . Most of the crimes go unreported due to social stigma associated with it, and the ones that even come to light do little for the victim and her rehabilitation.It is really sad to say that crimes of this genre have become more brazen and have increased with changing times. This petition is not about supporting stringent laws to tackle such perpetrators, though ideally that would be one of the foremost prevention measures that could be taken.

                     This petition is a sincere heartfelt plea to government and to whomsoever it concerns, that if we cannot change the law , atleast we should prepare and educate the potential victims about what is out there and how we can try to fight against it if ever victim is not some third person or the story is not some article or snippet in news but a day, a time in your life when it is happening with you.
Just like polio campaigns and family planning campaigns that have been organized all over India by government to protect economy of our country and health of citizens, we would like to urge with this petition that government/NGO's need to organize self-defense classes for women and educate young girls / teens about potential danger that lies beyond their safe homes or sometimes in their homes. A little preparation, a little awareness and a little confidence can make a huge difference and might possibly save lives . It is the shock level,vulnerability and helpless feeling that gives these offenders courage and scope to commit crime and maybe even get away with it. We need to counsel women and prepare them for this possible scenario so that shock level ,vulnerability and helplessness would be reduced if not completely negated and help them to fight. Based on funding, pamphlets with some tips and counsel information along with blow whistles should be distributed for free at hospitals,clinics and schools everywhere.

Hope and survival instincts of humans are really amazing, maybe with all this we will see a day when more and more headlines would read like

Teenager fights her abductor and flees
12 year old accusess her neighbour of trying to rape her.
Kanpur girl blows whistle alerting patrol police to rescue her.

Please sign this petition if you are in support of

- Organizing Self - Defense campaings for women/girls across the country.
- Organizing Counselling and rehabilitation for victims
- Distribution of free pamphlets/ whistles / pepper sprays.


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