Make It Compulsory To Plant Atleast 1 Tree in front of House by House Owner.

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This is a decade of beginning of some unwanted things. We never want to face things like global warming, glaciers melting, increasing temperature of earth. According to scientific research the temperature of earth is increasing ~1-2degree annually. If it continues our lives become tougher. Not only temperature but cutting trees causing the nature disaster like earth quack, pollution, low water level. We're just cutting the trees to build a house of concrete. Cities are growing but trees are cutting day by day. 

This is my idea that government should make compulsory to plant atleast one tree in front of house buy house owner. Doing so it will increase the water level, reduce the risk of natural disasters, help in maintaining the temperature in colonies, roads and streets. 

There must be a rule for every house owner to plant a tree. I belongs from a small city of India where in childhood I saw people fighting for water because of whole city has no water supply. We had to wait day and night for a water tanker. If we didn't took a step today, it will become a critical problem where in future no doubt you need to buy fresh air, wearing masks and our lives become helpless.

This should be begin with a campaign by Indian government later make is compulsory. Municipal can play important role in that. There must be a timeline citywise to plant tree for house owner. No doubt this idea can change the world.

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