Education or Robbery? : Tales of Unrecognised Private Medical Colleges

Education or Robbery? : Tales of Unrecognised Private Medical Colleges

3 June 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Pankaj Saini

Private Medical education system  has a long tale of taking high fees what a middle class family can't afford . 

 This sytem takes around 8 to 20 lakhs of  fees per annum without providing necessities that a medical students need . They don't have good doctors , patients or medical facilities that is required within a medical college . Then for what , this system hire huge amount of fees ?

A father or Guardian collects that huge amount by taking loans , selling their properties just for providing their children good education . 

But what they get at last ? A college without education , without doctors , without medical facilities . Then what is the need of that college to be run by government ? Is this  for robbery or education ? 

Government is trying to open hundreds of medical college but many college were already  shut down because of poor medical facilities and education . 

Students of many private medical colleges are doing protest like

World medical college jhajjar haryana ( from 3 years )

Glocal medical college ,uttar pradesh 

Many colleges who were  shutdown and shifted are :

1. sukh sagar medical college and hospital ,madhya pradesh 

2. Gyan sagar medical college, punjab 

3. kerala medical college, kerala

4. subharti medical college ,uttrakhand

5. DD medical college , tamil nadu 

6.Goldfield medical college , haryana 

7.Chintpurni medical college , punjab and many more .

If this has to be happend ever and ever again then what is the purpose of opening a new medical college ? So we decided to file a petition . We want to raise the voice to stop this medical mafia . We wan you all to please participate in it to stop this chain . 

Government should take over these private  medical college as semi government institution so that proper medical education can be provided with proper medical facilities .

We are doing this petition and want you to sign the same because we are sufferers. We are tired of this private medical mafia . We students of world medical college jhajjar haryana are doing protest and fighting for our rights from last 3 years . Medical council of India cancelled the 3rd renewal of this college . College never passed MCI Inspection because of doctor's deficiency , poor medical facilities and  education . So we demanded the same i.e. Shifting . Haryana government decided to shift us after 2 years but shifting file is still not passed from central health ministry Dr. Harshvardhan who is the chairman of WHO representing India. Our Parents  took loan of around 40 lakhs and paid college fess . But still , We are at home . Goverment is not ready to take decision for us . So we request to please sign and share this petition . Please help us in this regard. 


Click the links below to show the protest of medical colleges .

<bottom> World Medical college students Dharna

Glocal Medical college click here 

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Signatures: 695Next Goal: 1,000
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