Ban Plastic Flowers

Ban Plastic Flowers

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                                      BAN PLASTIC FLOWERS


We as humans love flowers..!!! We admire them for their varied shape, color, fragrance and their beauty. We express our feelings through beautiful flowers. Even a simple flower brings happiness and cheer to all of us.

Does plastic flowers bring the same feelings..?? Indeed No..!!

And therefore we have reached to a point where we need to ask ourselves this question….. and the genesis of this question is “ Rampant use of plastic flowers”.

The biggest worry today to the entire mankind is the use of plastic in life in various forms! Our Indian Floriculture industry today is facing the threat of this demon (plastic) in the form of plastic flowers. In the last few years; the industry is squeezed by plastic flowers. Majority of festivals and events are being decorated with by plastic flowers or otherwise with natural flowers.

Plastic or Artificial flowers have entered silently but largely into our lives and we are welcoming them unconsciously too!  Be it festivals, events, marriages, or even funerals; plastic flowers have replaced real flowers on a very large scale.

Plastic has already caused immense damage to our mother Earth and we also see it in everyday news, social posts however we are not enough sensible taking measures to save our planet. Many countries have banned plastic and some of them are even finding solutions to offer mankind eco-friendly replacement.  But the question still remains….is that enough?  

We express our emotions, our feelings through flowers, bouquets, pot plants whether happy or sad!  And this moment is being cherished by us as well the one who receives these flowers! In this endeavor; we have a very important partner to allow us this happiness and he is the farmer! The farmer; who has worked hard, to grow them good quality in spite of all the adverse conditions.   

Don’t you think we are doing injustice to his hard work by using plastic flowers? How many people are making their ends meet by selling the flowers? Do we know the every one in the whole chain?

The moment we decide to use “Artificial Flowers”; we are taking away their livelihood! Isn’t it inhuman? We all need to be sensible about this!!!

It’s time that we all need to come together and take an oath to stop use of all kind of plastic flowers!  Ask ourselves…. fake or fresh…’s our choice.  

Being the pioneer in Indian Floriculture Industry; we, KF Bioplants are more concerned about these issues faced by our farmers. Therefore; we are putting little efforts in creating awareness about use of plastic flowers and bringing all the farmers under one umbrella. We have started this initiative on all our social media handles as well. We request all of you to sign this petition and share your views. Kindly support us on all our social media handles as well to create awareness.  

A Farmer is Losing His Job, STOP use of Plastic Flowers.

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!
At 5,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!