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1,70,000 Indians evacuated from War Zone, 172 millions to be evacuated from Poverty Zone !

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We all are aware of the mass evacuation of Indians from Kuwait in the year 1990. This very important and a successful mission is highlighted as our Country's biggest human evacuation in the history of the world. We salute the great efforts by our Indian Government making all our Indian brothers and sisters feel proud about it. However, there's one more historical reality in India which will not at all make us feel proud. That's Poverty !

In the year 2000, in United Nations, in front of all other countries, India had taken an oath to end Poverty by 2015. However, Indian Poverty is still as popular as the war between Kuwait and Iraq. The only difference is that our Indians were safely evacuated from that war zone, however many of our poor country people are still badly stuck in the poverty zone and are continuously fighting against severe situations in life just to meet their basic needs. Daily, they struggle between Life and Death. Survival has become a question for the people under the Poverty Zone. At every corner of the road / streets / railway bridges, no matter wherever you are or wherever you go, you will find a person begging badly for his / her necessities right from a poor kid to old age people out there. You must be aware of many such familiar faces as you may find them daily on your way towards your destination. Daily or someday you see them and be kind by helping them in anyway. One fine day, you don't see them and you just walk by with no concern in your mind. However, what if, you don't see them for many days ? Now, you think that they might have shifted somewhere else due to lack of help at that spot. But, the actual reason might be different and shocking too. We always think good until and unless we come across some facts / truths about the evil effects of Poverty.

1) Two million children under five die every year in India – one every 15 seconds – the highest number anywhere in the world. More than half die in the month after birth and 400,000 in their first 24 hours. Reason : Hunger + Diseases.

2)  At least 78 million people are homeless in India despite the country growing in global economic stature. Homeless children under the age of 18 are subject to child abuse, forced labor (often involving picking up rags and sifting through garbage for recyclable materials), illness, and drug addiction while being stripped of their right to education and recreation.

3) Many men and women are homeless in India's capital city. Around 1.5 Lakhs people have no option than to risk their lives by sleeping on the Delhi footpaths.19-20 January 2016, minimum 7 homeless people died due to cold. 3 dead on 22nd January, 2016.

Still, there are many more adverse effects of Poverty in India. There's also a huge connection between Farmer suicide and Poverty. Rs 20 per day is their source of income. Do we really think Digital India should be our priority over the issue : Poverty. Non-governmental organizations are helping the poor in India, however these organizations are not enough to solve the entire problem. Indian government can help us to make a Poverty free country by executing Poverty eradication program. Proper shelter, education, medical and health facilities, employment programs (including suitable jobs for poor) can help save many lives. If government takes the problem of poverty on priority, we all Indian Citizens will definitely provide our complete efforts and supports to make India - A Poverty Free Zone in the world. Now, this sounds like a Miracle, however it wouldn't be less than a Miracle as this issue has been with our country since many years and if we start working on its solution from today itself, then one day, it would be considered as India's another biggest Mission. Yes, if Indian govt. can successfully help our people in problem that too in a different country, then they can definitely help poor Indians in our own Country. Eradicating Poverty from India is the biggest dream of each and every Indians... for sure !

We need "Miracle India" rather than Digital India.

Jai Hind !

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