HELP illegal Indian immigrants in USA get Passports legally from Indian missions.

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Dear Indian Diaspora,

There are thousands of Indian origin immigrants living in the United States who came with a dream to make it big in the land of opportunities. Some made it and some are in the process of making it. With this great desire to make it big comes greater risks and one of them is to stay in the United States even after the valid Visas are expired, putting such immigrants in the category of illegal immigrants.

Over a period of time their Indian passports get expired and they are forces to several direct and indirect difficulties ranging from getting proper wages, proper jobs, driver licenses, kids schooling to name a few..! In this devastating times our own Indian government literally disowns them and do not allow them to renew their passports since they don't have valid visa status to show! 

Of course they have broken an American law by overstaying but they have not bypassed any of the Indian laws and are still lawful Indian citizens who have the right to get their legal passports renewed by proving their Indian origin (through CURRENT Passport of course).

With several red tape barriers at Consulate and Embassy level, these people are forced to go and seek help from mafia style agents who charge hefty amounts of money (often not within affordable range of these immigrants) to get them their passports renewed. Amount of this money is shared among agent and their connections at the consulate/embassy level. As per some sources, this business of passports through "under the table" process has a volume of around $6 Million. Price per passport range from $4000-$6000 depending on how desperate the applicants situation is..!

It is about time our government start thinking about the miserable conditions of these poor immigrants who are left at the mercy of crooked mafia agents and corrupt officials at their missions.

Government of India MUST ALLOW SUCH IMMIGRANTS TO GET AT LEAST 2 YEAR VALIDITY PASSPORTS BY CHECKING THEIR OLD PASSPORTS so that they can manage their living in the USA and also continue their progress towards legal status.

I request everyone out there to share this concern and sign this petition through the US government, since our government tends to listen to foreign powers better than they do to their own people.

Thank You