Airlift Indian Students from Ireland

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I am a student pursuing MSc at the NUI Galway, Ireland. Ireland has already registered 169 confirmed Covid-19 cases in the span of just 1 week. Yesterday,  in a single day, 40 new cases were registered and the country is going through a complete shutdown. Soon, we will not be able to get groceries and daily essentials from outside.

As the Covid-19 infection keeps on spreading rapidly, we the students here in Ireland are concerned about our safety and well being. As of now, our university is encouraging us to travel back home for safety purposes and medical care; and they have announced that the remaining course deliverable and exams will be made available online.

All the flights available to India have to travel through one of the Middle Eastern countries, which are currently undergoing the worst phase in combating this global pandemic. If we travel through these countries, then the chances of us getting infected are extremely high which can cause a serious health hazard not just to us but also to a lot of people who will be taking care of us once we reach India.

As per the latest bulletin issued by the Indian government, no Indian passport holder will be allowed to enter India from the European Union from 18th March till 31st March (order to be reviewed after that). We request our government to kindly facilitate airlift for us so that we reach our homeland safely and avoid the risk of infection. 

Please help this request reach Indian Embassy and PMO by signing this petition.

Thank you,

Sampritha HM