Please increase covid 19 testing coverage in India. Expedite process for test kit approval

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Kindly expedite the process for covid 19 testing kit approval. The test coverage in the country has to increase to identify cases, and their contacts. India has 8% senior citizens. Also, there are additional vulnerable immunocompromised people. This means that about 120 million people could be potentially vulnerable.

Also required are adequate inventory list for medical kits, which include and are not limited to gloves, masks, clean room gowns, sanitizers, fumigants. There could be a conscious PPP basis cooperation with private hospitals and those in hospitality industry. Also, startups working in 3d printing space mobilized to produce critical equipments for medicare faster. The automobile manufacturing industry is facing a financial crisis, and their expertise could be put to use in manufacturing ventilators, and other critical care equipments. This could be beneficial for both healthcare providers and manufacturing! UK and EU nations are already trying to take help of manufacturing industry involved in automobile and aviation for manufacture of such equipments. The number of icu beds and ventilators in India may become important in the near and foreseeable future. 

This is a humble request to well wishers of India in India or abroad to sign this petition. So far the astute leadership of the PM has not let the numbers go out of control, let us rally around our govt and do our little bit to help see through this crisis with minimal damage to India.