Ask banks to write off EMI and credit card dues during Pandemic Corona

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Hi All, 

As we all going through a tough phase because of pandemic corona virus. The 21 day lockdown will impact savings, salary and businesses.

I would therefore urge banks, govt Of India, Reserve bank of india to write off 1 month EMI, Credit card dues and various liabilities of the people of india.

People will not have enough money in their hand because of lock down. Businesses, salaried people, daily wage workers will be unable to pay EMIs on time. 

Moreover, government must provide financial package to tackle this situation. There are instances where daily FMCG goods are hoarded and prices being increase by hoarders to earn more profit during this pandemic corona virus. This will have huge impact on lower class, lower middle class, and middle class people of india.

We need to make sure that people do not suffer due to shortage of money because of lockdown to businesses. 

1 month EMI write off will provide a relief to the peeple of india. 

I urge people of india to forward my petition to reach each and every sections of the society.

Jai hind