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Respected Sir/ Madam,

This is an appeal from me and also on behalf of many of the retirees of Indian Bank.

I wish to express my sincere thanks for creation of” Portal for Retired Indian Bank Staff, fondly called as “RIBS”. Many of our staff retirees are depending  mainly on this portal for information and updating. But to our  dismay, access and availability of the portal is very much denied many a times due to various technical reasons and server problems.

Gap between the serving staff and retired staff are widening nowadays due to technology updation, age difference, generation gap , like latest version of mobile phones are marketed within 6 months from the launch of the previous one. Hence, many of the retired staff are unable to get the updated information on their welfare measures, getting application forms of Medical aid, Holiday homes etc. from the branches. Due to digitialised environment some of our seniors those who retired under  VRS & on superannuation before 2002 , found it very difficult to cope up with the present day changes in approach & technology.

Many of the VRS retirees are brooding over the issue of their eligibility for  welfare measures, as there is  a disparity between VRS Retirees and Retirees on super- annuation. Having been part of social media like face book , whatsapp groups etc, I found many Retirees are ignorant of many issues related to Retirees. Hence, the Retirees portal requires some more updation and can be more informative.

Many retirees interacting in Face Book or Whatsapp, who are seeking some information or clarification, are reluctant to believe the information given by others, quoting that it is not available or not mentioned anywhere in the Retirees portal. Hence, they are putting themselves into untold inconveniences and embarrassment to others. Hence, the Retirees portal needs up-dation and more information.

Though many information is available in the portal, some are very short  & some benefits are not mentioned clearly whether available to VRS Retirees or not.   

             A comprehensive circular on welfare measures to retirees  may please be thought of, which can be posted in the Retirees portal also. 


I wish to suggest the following for your consideration and instruction to the department Concerned.

1)   Request received from retirees for Form 16 and IT worksheet may please be sent by e mail by HRM,( as many seniors found it difficult to log in, remembering the password, OTP, saving the form, taking a printout, staying abroad/unable to visit the branch, not well versed with the operations of internet etc)

2)   A circular mentioning the eligibility of various welfare measures or concessions available to Retirees on Superannuation vis a vis VRS Retirees.

3)    All downloadable formats in PDF in one place in the portal( It is observed that a single application of “ Application from Retired Staff for reimbursement of premium paid to Health Insurance Policy, as annex to Cir.HRM/55/2008-09 dated: 09.09.2008’ was posted under Health Insurance and also under “ Annual Medical aid on declaration Basis”)

4)    Obsolete and old formats meant for a specific period may please be removed from the portal or taken to old messages page/archive page.( Like Expired policy of IBA Health insurance policy expired in Oct 2016)

5)   Circular on JEEVAN PRAMAAN, Digital Life Certificate  for staff pensioners may please be issued and posted in the portal also. Branch staff may please be instructed to popularize the Digital Life Certificate as it will be useful for many those who stay abroad compulsorily with their children during November to January.

6)   Retirees portal may please be made interactive in select cases like submission of Application of Medical Aid on declaration Basis etc.

7)   Submission of any application by the retirees may please be accepted in any of the Indian Bank Branch instead of the Branch thru which pension is drawn, as Retirees are frequently dislocated according to the convenience of their children. As all the retirees are having their Retiree’s ID Card, it may not be difficult for the branches to accept the application and make data entry in the HRM website, as nowadays there are no physical movement of papers. This will benefit majority of the retirees and will save cost, time to them and all of us will be thankful to you.

8) Many of the Retirees are submitting their different applications, like,1. Medical Aid,2. Reimbursement of Medical Insurance premium, 3.Reimbursement of  Health Check up Charges, 4.Life Certificate in the conventional method, 5.Application for Holiday Home Booking(These are only 5 occasions in which the retirees have to visit the branches) to the branch with a hope that it will be attended in time, But in reality it is not so due to various attributed reasons. Many a times applications are pooled up and entered, applications are missed/not handed over to the officials concerned  etc. Hence, retirees are forced to revisit the branches several times spending money & time. If online application is introduced in Retirees portal in addition to submission to the branches,except for Life certificate, lot of time/transport charges will be saved for many and the workload to serving staff in the branch will also be reduced.

9) Retirees are submitting their several applications to the branches in good faith and not insisting on/hesitating to get any acknowledgment, as it is our dear bank and branch and serving staff are our Indian Bank family members. But in reality , some ill feelings,ill treatments, several revisits,duplicated submissions occurred which are inevitable. Hence, it is suggested an SMS quoting some acknowledgment & reference number to the mobile or e mail to retirees will be more helpful. 

The changes in the retirees portal and making it as an interactive portal will immensely help the IB Retirees fraternity, who are  Ambassadors of our beloved Indian Bank. It is needless to say that these changes will  save lot of paper, time, (wo)man hours ,stress both for the Branch and the retirees. Retirees will have a sigh of relief and  less revisits to the Branch thereby saving the time of our staff .

I/we are confident that our requests will be considered and your gesture will be remembered ever by the retirees.

Best Regards,


T.V.MANIAN                                                                                                                  Retd Senior Manager, Indian Bank.                                                                              Chennai- 600033                                                                                                          08-03-2018