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#LiftTheBan on BBC's documentary 'India's Daughter' and allow it to be screened in the country.

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This morning Home Minister Rajnath Singh announced that a restraining order had been obtained against the screening of "India's Daughter", a BBC documentary about the horrific gang rape that took place in Delhi in December 2012. 

The BBC released information about an interview conducted with one of the rapists, who has told the filmmakers that women who go out at night have only themselves to blame if they are raped. Mukesh Singh, one of the six men who raped the 23-year-old Jyoti Singh, is quoted saying: “A girl is far more responsible for rape than a man.”

This kind of attitude is widespread within our country and needs to be addressed, rather than hidden away. Join us in calling on Indian authorities to reverse the ban on the screening and celebrate International Women's Day (8th March) by shining a light on the problems our country faces, instead of shying away from them. 

Leslee Udwin, director of the BBC documentary, has made a plea to Prime Minister Modi “to deal with this unceremonious silencing of the film” in India.

She has said: “India should be embracing this film – not blocking it with a kneejerk hysteria without even seeing it. This was an opportunity for India to continue to show the world how much has changed since this heinous crime. Sadly… the banning of the film will see India isolated in the eyes of the world. It’s a counterproductive move.”

Anu Aga, lawmaker and social worker, said: “Banning this movie is not the answer. We have to confront the issue, that men in India do not respect women, and any time there is a rape, blame is put on the woman, that she was indecently dressed, she provoked the man. It is not just the man in the prison’s view, it is the views of many men in India. Let’s be aware of it and lets not pretend that all is well."

Furthermore, Shobhaa De has written a brilliant article about why this documentary shouldn't be BANNED, but should be made compulsory viewing for Indian citizens. 

She writes: "India's Daughter' must be made compulsory viewing in our schools, colleges and government offices.Because if there is one thing any society that calls itself civilized must not shun, it is the truth. Rajnath Singh - hold up a mirror. See what's going on around you. Deal with it. The real 'embarrassment' India needs to confront is its own horrific reality... and the shame that goes with it. Not a bold documentary." (Read more here: 


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