#justiceforBTS×ARMY and #wewantapolozyfromnehabhasin

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Hi, i am Aparajita Mishra from kolkata. I am an ARMY(fan of korean boy band BTS). I want to ask everyone to come forward and give us justice. Neha bhasin, a singer who accused us being terrorists and bullies. But we are the victims here and no one knows that as she is being innocent before everyone. Now i on behalf of the fandom want to say that at first all of this things started with her wrong assumption and tweet where she insulted the famous k-pop band BTS on her assumptions which was not true at all. The things happened between us and badshah because of his new record in YouTube. As you know that badshah admitted that he bought views and likes and that's what was between us and badshah . But out of nowhere she came and supported badshah and that was okay too, but she accused our BTS on her so called assumptions and when we protested it she called us terrorists and bullies and now she filed a report against us that she got rape threats from armies i have some questions that she have to prove that we really gave her threats and also who gave her threats were armies and not created by her. And also she said that what she said was her freedom of speech than isn't supporting our band and protesting against her wrong assumptions is our freedom of speech too. And she said that we are little girls. But i am a 20 year old girl and we don't like BTS because of their looks only we love them because of their talent and messages they gave and speech they gave. Who know BTS they know well that how they became most successful band and who don't know plz check it out. It's really heart breaking to see someone trying to drag the hard working band down just on their so called assumptions. I hope you will understand and sign it and help us. Thank you from ARMY and BTS.