Investigate BroadoakSports College(Hazel Wood High School)& GMP criminal investigation.

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We the undersigned community of Bury, Lancashire and all communities across the UK demand the UK Parliament and Education Secretary Gavin Williamson to independently investigate both the Local Education Authority of Bury, Lancashire and Broad Oak Sports College (Hazel Wood High School) for potential negligence and a potential breach of its duty of care towards its pupils in light of accusations of failure to address incidents of bullying. In addition, we demand James Frith (former Labour MP for Bury North) and Tamoor Tariq (First Deputy Leader of the Council Cabinet Member for Children, Schools and Families) and Chair of the Police and Crime Panel be investigated for failures to address continuous problems relating to Broad Oak Sports College in the former Labour ward of Bury North prior to and during the period relating to this tragedy, and investigated for their alleged misconduct during informal meetings with the family. We demand Greater Manchester Police to conduct a full transparent criminal investigation into the circumstances leading upto and surrounding this tragedy and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to review the case and make prosecutions in light of evidences that have come forward at Shukri Abdi's inquest which formally began on 24th February 2020 and is yet to conclude.

This petition comes in light of the tragic death of 12 year old Shukri Yahya Abdi, a Somali refugee who came to the UK alongside her mother and siblings for a better quality of life and safety and instead was a victim of bullying at the above named school, where inaction and potential failures by staff to protect this student from her alleged bullies may have inadvertently led to her death last week. 

Greater Manchester Police MUST investigate this incident with full transparency. We also demand Greater Manchester Police itself is investigated in light of its initial premature conclusion into the death of Shukri within hours of her body being discovered and for Greater Manchester Police to explain and disclose what evidence they had within that period of time that compelled the premature conclusion. The CPS MUST review the case and make prosecutions in light of evidences that have come forward at Shukri Abdi's inquest.

Further, we demand every school's anti-bullying policy be reviewed meticulously and we demand special consideration and care to be taken by schools when receiving and recording complaints of bullying from vulnerable families from refugee and BAME backgrounds and care to be taken when advising vulnerable families from refugee and BAME backgrounds regarding the schools complaints protocols and procedures, including requesting the assistance of translators to attend meetings between teachers and parents and all minutes and records of complaints made available upon request. We advise everyone across the UK to sign this petition as it affects every parent of every child from every background. We hand over responsibility of our children 7 hours a day, 5 days a week the moment we leave them at the school gates. We therefore should expect a level of duty of care to be observed by those whose care they are under. We also expect the police to act with full transparency and due dilligence to prevent tragedies like this occurring again.