Recalling Sen. Hezekiah Dimka, senator representing Plateau Central Senatorial District

Recalling Sen. Hezekiah Dimka, senator representing Plateau Central Senatorial District

1 December 2020
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Started by Kamji Wuyep

PLATEAU CENTRAL YOUTH ADVOCACY FOR DEMOCRACY AND GOOD GOVERNANCE (PLACEYADAGG) is a non-partisan youth group in Plateau Central Senatorial zone ensure public office holders are held accountable.

Our representative at the upper Legislative Chamber, Senator Hezikiah Dimka made electoral promises during the 2019 general election but have not achieve 10% of his manifesto and we are determined to recall him on the following grounds:

1. After almost two years in office, he hasn't lobbied for his constituency to have infrastructure while knowing his constituents are farmers and they need roads for their farm produce to get to the market(s).

2. There is no human capital development, no youth empowerment and zero support of youth activities despite the heavy and massive support he got from the youths to get to office. Also money have been allocated to him by the federal government and other federal government program been appropriated but little or nothing to show for it.

3. The senator has been invisible to his constituents with no town hall meetings to aggregate their interests for better and fair representation.

4. Sen. Dimka hasn't sponsored or moved a motion on matters of urgent public importance.

5. Sen. Dimka doesn't come to his constituents when the need is urgent rather he has chosen to work with proxies.

6. Sen. Dimka because of how ineffectual he is, he prefers using the social media while knowing about 60% of those whose votes he got don't have access to the internet.

7. Sen. Dimka whose campaign promises is all about empowering youths have succeeded in appointing over 120 youths as aides but failed to pay their 20,000 Naira stipend for 9 months and running now.

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Signatures: 181Next Goal: 200
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