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Audit Scottish Water/Business Stream bullying business practice

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Stop Scotlands small business from drowning under Scottish Water/Business Stream bullying tacticts. They frighten small business into accepting them as the only provider of water services in Scotland. This is not the case and they have been the subject of reports of abuse of the regulation by Scottish Water/Business Stream that are allowed to go unchecked. We need an Indepandant Enquiery into Scottish Water/Business Stream to force them to stop abusing the small Scottish business comunity.

They have been reported to the SPSO and have given assurances to the SPSO that they will change their business methods but they do not and still bully and frighten small business in Scotland.

There are many others who have been mistreated and bullied by Scottish Water/Business Stream who show no regard for the regulations and the Market Code. Which state that Scottish Water must give 15 Business Days notice and allow the occupier to choose a licenced provider of their own choice. Scottish Water do not do this and simply pass the account to Business Stream who are a subsiduary of Scottish Water. You can draw your own conclusions as to why this is the case!

This abuse of the small businesses in Scotland has to be stopped. Please sign this petition to have them thourghly audited and forced to stop their abuse of the regulations and the small business in Scotland.

This is unacceptable and Scottish Water/Business Stream must be brought to task  and forced to compensate the many small  businesses in Scotland that they have abused and unfairly forced into accepting Business Stream as the only provider at high rates.


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