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21 days to deportation. Lets Stop it!

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My Friend Haroon is from Afghanistan and I worked with him on the refugee project in Maastricht. He is such a nice caring guy who always thinks of others before himself. He is crucial to the refugee project and he has made a huge effort to integrate into Dutch society. He acts as a link between its volunteers and the refugees and ensures the connect team functions smoothly. Haroon is also a student with UWC (United World College) Maastricht, his presence and contribution to the community is highly valued! he has made so many people feel welcome in Maastricht and works so hard to improve the lives of others.

He and his family have now been informed that the Dutch government intends to deport them. They have 21 days before they are moved to a pre-departure facility with other families. The reason the government have given for deportation is that they cannot prove that the native country is dangerous.

Afghanistan is considered a war zone and the government does not have much control over huge sections of the country. Western governments strongly forbid travel to Afghanistan as the Taliban still control huge territories. Attacks happen frequently and even as recent as the 31st October 2017, when a suicide bomber successfully detonated close to the British Embassy killing a number of civilians.

Yet the Dutch government states they cannot prove the country is unsafe?

This needs to stop now! Haroon has two younger brothers who are just children and we are sending them into a war zone. It is not just Haroon that is at risk as our governments and the Afghanistan governments insist that Afghanistan is safe to return to. Many people in Europe face deportation back to countries our governments have been complicit in making unsafe!

We beg of you to share this post and get the word out that we will not tolerate this injustice! Please send emails, letters and all other forms of communication to the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation services, Netherlands). People, regardless of where they are from, should not have to fear for their lives due to wars our  governments have helped to cause. We have 21 days to act so let’s do so before it is to late!

Please Watch the news story on the link below.

If you want more to see more stories like Haroon and his families or get more infomation on the crisis you can do so on the links below.

Many thanks for reading.

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