Increasing Fines and Punishments for Animal Cruelty

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According to The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, you can get away with being cruel to most animals by paying a fine of anything between Rs 10 and Rs 50 ! If you repeat the offence within three years, the penalty may go up to anything between Rs 25 and Rs 100 and in the rarest circumstances you will be thrown into jail for 3 months. This law has not been updated since 1960.

A nation which is home to the greatest number of animal lovers and one of the greatest number of pet owners such preposterous and weak legislature is appalling. It must become a priority task of our newly elected MPs (Members of Parliament) to update the fines and punishments DRASTICALLY for such cruel and heartless crimes. Be the voice for the innocent and voiceless. IT IS TIME FOR CHANGE.

In 2016, several MPs and celebrities had launched the #NoMore50 campaign for increasing fines and punishments for animal cruelty. However, we never saw this campaign come to life as part of Indian, binding law.

Please bring forth an amendment in the Lok Sabha in order to majorly increase the fines and punishments mentioned in 'The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960'. Oh and yes, we do hope that MPs of the Rajya Sabha place politics aside and endorse this amendment as well considering no party has majority in the Rajya Sabha yet.

Help us make a change for the innocent and voiceless.