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International support to press the Brazilian authorities to increase laws

Brazilian Laws to protect animals are mild often, the criminals go unpunished most often. That must change and with international assistance by pressing the Brazilian Congress. Brazilian people is needing international support to increase the punishment by criminal acts against animals. 

Initially I created a petition entitled Increase the punishment against the nurse who murdered her Yorkshire, asking for international support to increase the punishment against cruelty to animals, because I care deeply about this very important issue, and international support to press the Brazilian authorities to increase laws against mistreated to animals is necessary at moment. We keep fighting for Justice in all crimes against animals and make  the law on environmental crime (No. 9605, art. 32 - Brazilian Constitution) be fulfilled up since the killer's dog Yorkshire in Formosa (Goiás) got free, and other crimes have been practiced. We will require from Brazilian authorities more rigorous punishment against mistreated to animals, and I could really use your help.
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  • Increase the punishment against mistreated to animals in Brazil

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