Petitioning Chugach Electric Association Board and 8 others

Increase renewable energy for Alaska - expand the Fire Island Wind Project!

In Alaska’s railbelt, less than 12% of energy is renewable. The Fire Island Wind Project is the strongest opportunity for large-scale renewable energy in Anchorage, and will expand only if the Chugach Electric Association (CEA) agrees to purchase the new power.

The first phase of the Fire Island Wind Project was a huge success with 11 turbines. Doubling the number of turbines to 22 will  provide power for 12,000 homes, reduce dependence on natural gas, and prevent rolling brownouts during cold weather.

We have to act quickly if we're going to double the number of turbines on Fire Island. Please sign our petition urging the CEA Board to purchase the wind energy generated by the new turbines.

Letter to
Chugach Electric Association Board
Janet Reiser
Susan Reeves
and 6 others
Jim Henderson
Sisi Cooper
Harry T. Crawford, Jr.
Brad Evans, CEO
David Gillespie
Jim Nordlund
I am an Alaskan that cares about our energy future and is concerned with the lack of renewable energy projects in the state.

It’s time to diversify our energy beyond natural gas and other expensive forms of power. Expanding the number of wind turbines on Fire Island is the best opportunity to do this.

Please support Phase 2 of the Fire Island Wind project. Don't let the clock run out on this important project!