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Increase maximum penalty sentence for victims that have been disfigured.

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Contact Ohio House of Representative Jeffrey Rezabek


On August 2nd, 2015, Judy Malinowski was a victim of a heinous crime. She was doused in gasoline & set on fire, left to die. She suffered burns over 90% of her body. The doctors gave her less than 24 hours to live. 20 months later, she is still fighting to stay alive. Judy is a mother to two beautiful little girls, Madison & Kaylyn Malinowski. She also has a little brother who has Down syndrome named Patrick Bowes. Our family has received a life sentence with this heinous crime, he should have received a life sentence too. No amount of time served will ever be enough justice for us and our family. The only measurable justice for Judy is for the law to change to help future victims of arson & violence. Our only hope for justice is that this NEVER happens to another victim again. Please help us change the law to help future victims of similar acts of violence that may be left disfigured.

The man who did this to her only received 11 years in prison under aggravated arson with the intent to harm in the state of Ohio. Many people ask why he was not charged with attempted murder, and the reason is because attempted murder carries the same maximum sentence as aggravated arson. 

Judy’s Law would increase the maximum sentence for intentionally disfiguring someone by up to 20 years. Another local domestic violence burn victim said she’s been waiting 10 years for a change like this. There are no words to describe the pain inflicted, she is living a living hell.


The media has been following Judy's Law & story very closely. Please help us pass Judy's law, house bill 63. Judy's law will allow the judge to give longer sentences to victims that have been disfigured.
We need everyone's help to pass this bill, so that no one has to suffer the way Judy Malinowski has in the past months. We are asking for everyone that has followed her story to please call the Chairman of the House of Criminal Justice Committee. The representative to contact is Nathan Manning. His phone number is 614-644-5076. You may also try to call Jeffrey Rezabek, the vice Chairman at 614-466-2960. If the lines are busy, submit your contact thru the form on the Ohio House website where you can enter Jeffery Rezabek's name and click on the form to email him. This bill needs to become a law. It is very CRUCIAL that this bill is completed & passed while Judy is still alive with us. Please take a minute of your time to push this bill thru for a vote while Judy is still alive. We need literally 1000 phone calls & emails this week to get this moving.

Let's show Judy our support by helping her get this law pushed thru! Thank you all for your prayers & support.

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