Increase mandatory sentencing for domestic animal abusers

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Many people in Australia now recognise the sentient nature of animals, both domestic, commercial and native and yet widespread acts of cruelty continues in our country.

We request that harsher sentencing of Animal Abusers in made mandatory. We would like recognition of animals feelings and rights to a comfortable and safe life. To this end, stricter laws are needed regarding both animal breeding and ownership. 

Too many times in the history of humanity, animals have been abused and tortured without due justice and recognition. Whilst this situation continues today both in the meat industry and animal transport, there is no excuse to allow it to continue in the domestic region without giving pets a voice and a recognition of their right to feel safe, have correct housing and medical attention.

Animals are sentient, empathic beings with a need for, and a right to, proper housing, care, food and due medical attention. 

Too many abusers commit outrageous acts of violence and cruelty to animals. In the current court system, the sentences they receive  is an insulting slap to the animal and to the humans who care for them.

I request that you reconsider the sentencing laws and increase them to a level that is appropriate. I also request that those who are convicted of any animal abuse are banned from owning, or living in the same domicile as a domestic animal. 

Kind regards,

Carmel Bell, on behalf of domestic animals, Australia