Readdress your discriminatory policy regarding the ownership of cats and dogs in properties that have "a shared entrance".

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Extract from the Incommunities Tenants Handbook:

"We want to promote responsible pet ownership. We encourage tenants to keep suitable pets, look after them in a caring manner and ensure that their behaviour does not cause a problem for other people."

However, this encouragement does not apply to their tenants who live "in a flat with a shared entrance".

Previous Housing Officers have been aware of responsible pet owners living with cats and dogs in the flats situated on Norwood Avenue in Shipley, West Yorkshire. This has been allowed to happen for many years, cultivated by Incommunities Housing Officers "turning a blind eye". One resident was even given permission to bury her pet dog in a communal garden. We have included a photo of two of our pets within this petition.

In March 2014 all residents in the Norwood Avenue properties received a letter informing them that Incommunities were now aware of the cats and dogs and all of these pets have to be removed within 28 days.

Not withstanding the "blind eye" policy that (in principle) Incommunities have allowed to be cultivated, many residents and people in general believe that this policy regarding pet ownership in flats with "a shared entrance" within the tenancy is discriminatory against responsible pet owners. The owners of the dogs ensure that their pets are not left howling in properties and they clean up after their dogs. All of these pets have been neutered and micro-chipped.

Furthermore, the dogs bring a lot of pleasure to the older residents. There have been no complaints or issues directly addressed to the pet owners either.

We, the undersigned, demand that Incommunities completely readdress their tenancy policy regarding the ownership of cats and dogs in their properties that have "a shared entrance". Such a harsh policy should only be applicable to pet owners that neglect their animals and/or allow them to cause nuisance in the flat entrances and gardens. The non-pet owners in the flats of Norwood Avenue have no problem with sharing their living environment with well behaved cats and dogs.

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