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Include Type 1 Diabetics as a Disability because we Might Look Normal But We Are Not

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देश के माननीय प्रधान मंत्रीजी के लिए टाइप १ डायबिटिक बच्चो की "मन की बात"

As a Type 1 Diabetic patient, I have lost the physiological and anatomical function of my Pancreas to produce Insulin and control my blood glucose. I thus suffer from highly fluctuating very low and very high blood sugar readings every day, with almost no control possible. I wish I could do all that a normal person can, but sadly this rare condition has made us T1DM children severely challenged to live a normal life. Taking several Insulin Injections every day only to be able to eat something just to survive, is an artificial life- a reality we are facing forever. Unlike the rest of the country, we cannot be on an empty stomach for even more than a few hours, or we are sure to have a Hypoglycemic attack and faint, only to go into a Coma, if not revived by a fellow citizen, who himself does neither know how to nor knows why we have fallen. What do we Do?

We all know as we regress and our body organs get affected with age, that we are in a daily fight with ourselves to try to gain basic education for an employment to support our chronic daily disablements, awaiting a much early onset of medical complications. Moreover, very few schools support T1DM children and fail to understand their special needs. This causes T1DM kids to drop out or struggle in school. For instance, T1DM kids are not given support during exams to check their blood sugars, and this could be life-threatening. When they experience low blood sugars, they start to profusely sweat, tremble, disorient and faint, if not given immediate first aid. T1DM kids are not allowed to take food and glucometer inside the exam hall which is required to treat low sugars. When they experience high sugars in exams they are unable to remember, concentrate, recollect and feel totally drained, dazed and have muscle fatigue, affliction and cramps. So they are unable to compete with other children with no T1DM even when they have the potential to do so. How do they go forward? How will they travel, eat, work and survive in this competitive world without any empathy?

My heart thus goes out today to all T1DM younger brothers and sisters of India, who are ailing like me but just a few years in age and living in poorer conditions in Rural areas, and have no support from the society or the Government. Whereas Crores of citizens who suffer from other disability conditions are supported by medical PWD policy, sadly T1DM are not given the due support as yet. They find it so difficult to calculate and somehow try to balance the impossible three combinations i.e. on an hourly basis their glucose readings (lying anywhere between less than 70 to more than 300), 100% pure diabetic diet made only by their family, severely restricted physical activity and the correct amount of insulin to be injected (amounting to thousands of injections in a year); not yet fully understood even by the medical fraternity the world over, when it comes to medical management of Type 1 DM.

It is abnormal for T1DM to be dependent lifelong on their parental/family support system or the society at large. They suffer a permanent, irreversible, untreatable and chronic lifelong impairment severely impacting their equal participation with fellow citizens, their growth and development to lead a safe and dignified life. So today I take upon myself that what disabilities we Type 1 Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus patients are suffering will not go unreported to my Honourable Prime Minister, as I speak on their behalf, with a hope in my heart and a prayer on my lips. Medical Policy support by GoI is a necessity so as to include T1DM in the Rights of Persons with Disability Bill (RPWD) under revision in Parliament. We together request all children and their parents to please join hands and hearts in this endeavour for a just and noble cause, and sign this petition to help alleviate the sufferings and despair of T1DM patients, and transform their lives.

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