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Include "End All Wars By 2030" as a post-2015 Global Development Goal of the United Nations

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Since the beginning of the Second Word War, wars between countries have killed and maimed more than a billion. They have successfully decimated millions within minutes (e.g. due to dropping of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki), and have the ability to destroy societies (e.g. Iraq in recent times), create millions of displaced populations and cripple billions mentally and physically for a life-time. Furthermore, they destroy environments and whole ecologies forever.  In short, wars have the ability to destroy ALL development agendas overnight.

The United Nations and its Security Council are the main international mechanisms established in the 1940s to prevent wars between countries and a repetition of a World War. They have been partly successful in this endeavour, but humanity is yet a long distance away from a globe free from wars. 

The United Nation’s Global Development Goals of 2015 (which is a continuation of the path taken by its Millennium Development Goals) offers a historic opportunity for individuals, civil society groups, nation-states and humanity to demand and pledge towards a globe free from wars and continue its march towards global peace. We believe that it is a prerequisite for any form of development, whether it is human development, social development or economic prosperity. However, the on-going discussions and UN documents on the UN's post-2015 Global Development Goals focus on conflicts and violence within countries, and gives inadequate attention to wars between countries and global peace. Some of the documents do not use the term ‘war’ even on a single occasion!  

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary for the United Nation's post-2015 development agenda to include a goal that aims to achieve global peace. Let us pledge towards the goal ‘End All Wars By 2030’. This may be the last chance for the millions of innocent victims destined to die from wars in future...........


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