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In Support of Colorado Girl Scouts, Make Trans Inclusion a National Policy

Girl Scouts empowers girls and young women by: having national policies to include lesbian troop members and leaders (a national policy of GSUSA since 1991), as an organization, they embrace teachings of feminism, GSUSA also teaches age-appropriate sexual empowerment of teenage women through their alliances with organizations such as Planned Parenthood. They do all of this while embracing the changing definitions of "god and country"-- they don't shy away from spirituality and patriotism but instead stay inclusive by supporting a fluid vernacular to define this spirituality and support the democratic human rights that can be extracted from the parts of our current government that do support equality.

In other words, this is not a subtractive petition (which, in many cases is a necessary type of action), but rather an additive petition of support. It is a forum for all of us that will be buying more Girl Scout Cookies than we ever have before to let GSUSA know who we are and that we have purchased these cookies in support of Colorado, in support of Bobby Montoya, and in hopes that one day every school and every children's organization will include the existence of trans issues with their curriculum of girl's issues and boy's issues in order to support and uphold the safety of all children. This petition is to thank GSUSA for being a leader towards that hope.

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