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In Support of Coach Jim Capellupo

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Dear Mr. Pero, Mr. Sullivan, and Mr. Barker,           On behalf of the Pittsford Sutherland baseball team we would like to voice our opinions on the dismissal of Varsity Head Coach, Jim Capellupo. We understand that his coaching contract wasn’t renewed for the 2016/17 season and wished that our voices were considered in the decision.  Although we don't know the details behind your decision, we believe that the good overrides the bad and that a dismissal was not warranted.  Although we do not know, we believe if you are going to uphold the decision it should become our knowledge as to why.  We ask that you reconsider and re-instate his contract as soon as possible for the reasons below.            Coach Capellupo has been the head coach for 12 years and has won one State Championship, been to the Final Four four times and has won the Section V title eight times.  Going back to the first year he started, Coach Capellupo brought Pittsford Sutherland High School into the baseball forefront on a local and state level.           Due to this record and the fact that he has been a positive influence on so many players, the Pittsford Sutherland Baseball program still receives donations out of respect for Coach Capellupo from graduates and families from his first year as Varsity Coach.  A large part of our program is based on contributions, and now our program is jeopardized such as our spring training trip to Myrtle Beach.           Coaches willing to make the sacrifices for the better interests of kids should be cherished not dismissed.  After all these years of coaching, Coach Capellupo never grew stale.  In fact, he continued year after year to find a way to be enthusiastic, connect with the players, provide expert training, and personally help player families in need.  For example, immediately after his dismissal, the 2016 season players met with Coach Capellupo at his house to be told the horrible news.  He shook each one of our hands, and hugged us all.  As he walked back into his house with tears in his eyes, every player was heartbroken.  There are 13 seniors on the 2017 Varsity team.  Eleven of those seniors have been playing for Coach Capellupo and going to his camps since they were in elementary school.  Winning a title their senior year, with Coach Capellupo has been a dream of theirs ever since.  It won’t be the same doing it without him.  Coach Capellupo has made a huge impact on each and every one of us and has helped us tremendously in our baseball careers.  As you all know, the 2016 team fell just short of a Section V title and our entire offseason workout and camps are targeted at getting “The Block” in 2017.  Achieving that goal would be substantially less enjoyable without Coach Capellupo.  Some grade school players cried when they found out about the news, feeling that they were gypted a future opportunity.  This past 2016 season was unique because more than a few players and families struggled with health issues.  Coach spent a Sunday on his own and didn’t tell anyone weeding and mowing a family’s yard, he made hospital visits, spent time on the phone getting daily updates and bought gifts.  The list goes on....year after year.            Coach Capellupo has made a huge impact on so many people in various ways.  For the Varsity team, he has taught us life lessons every single day at practice that we will never take for granted.  We realize that no person or coach is perfect.  However, coaching baseball is a huge part of Coach Capellupo’s life, he is extremely dedicated to his baseball “family” on and off the field; by far, the best coach any of us have ever had.  He puts in maximum time and effort into making his players better both on and off the field.            This petition is to show support of our beloved coach.  Please consider the signatures and comments of current players, alumni, community supporters, as well as many Sutherland Baseball fans who wish Coach Capellupo be back on the baseball field this spring.           Sincerely, The 2016 Sutherland Varsity Baseball Team  

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