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So my main idea here is that I was creating a letter that could potentially be sent via email, mailing, or some form of communication to Andrew Hussie and wanted to write out something that letter with the help of the other fans something to let him know that the side of the fandom that is non 'grimdark', since most of the fans hating on him are from his main comic Homestuck we gave the nickname "Grimdark " to them, or, are those who are causing the commotion of many of the past and current events of hate towards him at the time, still care and look up to him, respect him, etc. But I am not completely skilled in this type of thing, so was hoping to seek help from others for this. I was working on figuring out right now how to get a hold of him via some sort of way other than twitter by contacting different sources within the wiki and forums sites. The list of what we're putting into it for the time being is most likely going to vary depending on what others also want to add, for now what i've really only been able to start off with adding to is is
>Apologizing for the part of the fandom harassing and hating on him
>Telling Hussie about some of the things that some of the fans have also experienced and why they do not like it on a personal level, I will most likely take people's direct statements and include them in the letter, and showing how many people still respect him and how much he puts up with
>Most likely in general just saying that everyone included in this is going to always be there to support him when this type of thing happens even if we're too afraid from anxiety or anti sociality to step up and do something about it
>Have everyone that gets involved include their name and state or other country if outside of US to say that they support this.

If you have any more questions or comments or wish to add onto what we are including inside of the letter, contact us at:
Admin Grand Highboob

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