Make vegan-friendly options available at In-N-Out

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In-N-Out Burger Needs a Vegan, Plant-Based Option!

There are 342 In-N-Out locations across the Southwest and Pacific Coast. As we know, this burger place is a classic food joint. However, the ONLY vegan option here is the fries. Although the In-N-Out fries are the bomb, this is a major bummer. 

Other fast food joints such as Carl's Jr, Del Taco, and Burger King have caught up to speed with the changing food climate and now offer either Beyond Burger meat or the Impossible Burger patty. 

Why is a big food chain like In-N-Out so behind? 

I called the In-N-Out customer service (1-800-786-1000) and spoke with David who told me there are not even discussions yet about adding a vegan patty to the menu. This is disappointing. We are in a climate crisis and animal agriculture is a huge component to this nasty mess we are in environmentally. The world needs MORE vegan options as the vegan populations grows and as more people stray away from the typical beef patty due to the harmful carbon emissions created by that industry.  

Help us convince In-N-Out's key leaders Lynsi Snyder (President), Mark Taylor, (COO), and Roger Kotch (CFO) that this is a topic that needs to be on the table for discussion and that a vegan patty and vegan bun need to be added to the menu. (Not to mention, it is probably in their best interest to change along with the times and accommodate a growing vegan population.)

If In-N-Out chooses not to add a vegan option to their menu, they are essentially losing out on a swiftly growing vegan population's money and will continue to lose business as we continue to expand in numbers. They will be considered by many as not caring about the environment and unwilling to change.

If In-N-Out chooses to add a vegan option, the vegan community will be in support of In-N-Out once again and have our business. Additionally, since veganism and plant-based diets are so trendy at the moment, it will only help In-N-Out's publicity to be along for the ride, so-to-speak. Chains such as Burger King, Carl's Jr, and Del Taco received plenty of positive publicity and international hype when they chose to add a vegan option to their menu. 

I care about this because I love In-N-Out. It represents California to me. I am from Kansas City and for many years I have been driving from the Midwest to the West Coast. Seeing the In-N-Out sign from my driver's side window was always a happy moment. I knew I was back in California, where I was meant to be, where dreams come true, and where the possibilities are endless. 

Help us convince In-N-Out to offer a vegan option!