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Petitioning The Governor of CA

In 14 states it's illegal to sell shelter animals for inhumane testing. Help California become #15.

In the United States, millions of animals in shelters are unjustly sold into the inhumane world of animal testing. These animals are subject to severe torment for the rest of their lives. These creatures are forced to live in tight glass or wire containers for the remainder of their lives, except when being tested upon. Testing can include anything from various multitudes of injections to being fed new human foods and medicines and much worse. A large number of the products you use today are animal tested. Millions of animals die from animal testing. Almost all are put down when they aren't being tested on anymore. 

Just imagine: A life in a cage, smaller than a bedroom, with other animals, waiting to be put into pain. When you are taken out of the cage, you may experience excruciating pain, only experience can describe. This may continue for the rest of your life. There is no guarantee that you will ever even see the light of day. 

In these cruel tests, animals may be purposefully killed and/or and go through surgery just so scientists can observe the animal's reaction to a drug or good. Sometimes, these innocent creatures are not given anesthesia or pain killers to quell their pain. 

A large way animals are found and brought to be tested in laboratories is by being sold from shelters and pounds. Class B Animal Dealers (agents who supply animal testing facilities through taking/buying animals from off the streets or from shelters) are even able to take any amount of animals from shelters in 5 states. 14 states have completely ended all Class B Dealer practices by making it illegal for animals to be sold from shelters into testing. You can help California join those 14 states in the first steps of fighting animal cruelty. By signing this petition, you are joining me in asking of California to make the selling of shelter animals to laboratories for testing and research illegal.


Because no animal, Human or Not, wants to live a life of torture!

Letter to
The Governor of CA
I am devastated that California has not been proactive in stopping animals in shelters from being sold to cruel animal testing laboratories.

I am writing to you now to help me in passing a law to stop this tragedy. More and more animals die every day in these facilities if we do not do something to counteract it as soon as possible. We as a body of people must prove to the Government of California that we believe animal testing is immoral, and that animals in shelters must not be allowed to end their lives due to inhumane research. Join me to save the lives of countless innocent pets in California.

The best way to start to abolish animal testing is first through prevention. Please keep these animals safe in the shelter, where they can live happily, and not in a lab, living a life of pain and sadness.