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We the CITIZENS of PAKISTAN demand the GOVERNMENT to implement an URGENT enforced lockdown all over the country, CLOSE all borders, STOP all international and local fligths, CLOSE all offices, ARMY mobilization, CURFEW implementation, keep a CHECK on unnecessarily excursion. we demand Safety gears for DOCTORS and  ISOLATION CENTERS away from hospitals.  Agreed we are a country with a HIGH poverty rate and people will have no means of survival but it cannot be as worse as many dying of this PANDEMIC. If your concern PM are the poor and needy then you need to devise a way to provide FOOD assistance to all LOW and NO income families and individuals. We are NOT equipped enough to counter this VIRUS, the only way we can STOP this from spreading is by a complete LOCKDOWN. If the GOVERNMENT does not take these measures with immediate effect then this will HIT us worse then any other country so far. With a lockdown INSHALLAH we will survive this.