Lockdown Pakistan

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10/06/20: As the number of cases of COVID19 escalate, thousands of people are not practicing social distancing. Representative of WHO has also sent a letter to Health Minister of Punjab, Dr. Yasmin Rashid and told her that a lockdown is the need of the hour. People are at the shops, in parks, offices and banks, all the big shopping malls and grocery stores are full, functions and secret weddings are being held in large groups at homes and ignoring what we need to do in order to decrease the curve. It is selfish.

We need to lockdown the country. All doctors in the entire Pakistan know this. We, the people of Pakistan are begging PM Imran Khan to at least lockdown the major cities of Pakistan like Lahore and Karachi and once the lockdown is lifted there should be no inter-city transport for another 14 days. Then other cities can be locked alternatively and COVID can be completely eradicated. PM Imran Khan, the Provincial Ministers will not make any productive decision; it is your duty to protect us. Please protect us. If we were such intelligent people who knew what needs to be done, we would not be declared as one of the worst countries to manage this pandemic.

Every hour that people are out on the streets adds weeks to how long this will last - not to mention the insurmountable number of deaths that will also occur because of it.

Please prevent more from dying. Prevent more healthcare workers from getting sick. Prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed. Prevent doctors from choosing who gets a ventilator and who doesn’t. Prevent something worse than economic instability.

This is not humane.