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Eating disorders in adolescents are on the rise in today's superficial society, where the media is shoving beauty standards down the throats of the future leaders of our society

Getting a diagnosis for an eating disorder in the UK is next to impossible. One of the only recognised eating disorders is anorexia and smaller recognised eating disorders such as bulimia, ednos and binge eating disorder go next to unnoticed.

As a result of this, it is incredibly hard to get treatment for an eating disorder if you're suffering from a disorder that is not "eligible for immediate treatment" and many clinics only particularly offer help to those who are diagnosed with severe anorexia. 

Just because a teens BMI is counted as "normal" does not mean that they are not disordered eating and putting their lives at risk completely unnoticed. If we change this now, less disorders will go unnoticed and more awareness will be raised that eating disorders are not only experienced and exist within people with abnormally low body mass. 

Help stop the stigma and eradicate the eating disorder crisis today <33 - written by P,, age 14