Improved Internet Service(s) for Rural areas of Frontenac County/Frontenac Townships

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We, the persons signing this petition are requesting that large companies like Bell Canada and EastLink (and/or others) review their high speed/fibre-optic Internet coverage areas and expand their currently available internet services to cover more residents within the rural areas of South Frontenac Township, Central Frontenac Township, North Frontenac Township, and Frontenac Islands (Ontario, Canada).

By signing, we agree to provide the location of our home (Road, Municipality and Township), so that the recipient(s) of the petition can have a better understanding as to the currently under-served areas. In addition, by signing we would agree to pursue a service agreement with the new provider, with the understanding/caveat that the new service would be of much higher quality/speed/reliability than what is currently available.

The current COVID-19 pandemic has only heightened the need for fast and reliable internet within the rural areas of the province, as more and more people are working and learning from home. Schools and businesses are changing the ways in which they operate, online learning is becoming a mandatory part of our children’s education, making adequate internet service imperative to today’s modern households. There is currently a drastic inequity amongst residents and neighbours of South Frontenac, Central Frontenac and North Frontenac, mostly due to arbitrary “boundaries” which have been established by internet providers.