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Brown Bears At Olympic Game Farm Without Shelter Exhibit Signs Of Boredom & Discomfort

Carolita (CrtrGrl) McGee
Olympic Mountains, WA, United States

Apr 11, 2018 — Here is a 2nd video of 2 brown bears that are in a small enclosure, at Olympic Game Farm, with no sign of any shelter or water from the sun & heat. This is very hard to watch, but it is quite obvious they are very uncomfortable. One is shown pacing back & forth, which is common with animals kept in captivity without enrichment. The other is constantly licking its paw with its lower lip shaking, which may be a sign of behavioral issues. This doesn't surprise me considering their neglectful, living situation.

Is Disney aware of this cruelty going on in this farm in which they use the Disney name to promote their zoo? Please contact Disney Studios, directly, to report infringement due to the defamation of the Disney name. You can contact them via email, or phone, (818) 560-3300 to leave a message.

Please contact the USDA's Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer, Carolyn J. McKinnie DVM at:
USDA APHIS Animal Care
(740) 816-8363 (cell)
Ask her kindly to urge the Beebe family (owners of Olympic Game Farm) & their employees to give their animals the proper care they deserve or to release them to legitimate sanctuaries.

Please take a short moment to write a review on Trip Advisors' website to stop promoting Olympic Game Farm. Here's their link:

These animals need all the voices to shout out loud against their daily life of slavery!

Thank you!

Thanks to the anonymous source for sharing this video with me so that we can raise awareness, speak up for the voiceless & put an end to animal slavery!

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