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Send A Letter To USDA & Urge Them To Push For Improvements At Olympic Game Farm!

Carolita (CrtrGrl) McGee
Carlsbad, CA, United States

Mar 7, 2018 — To All The Supporters & Voices For The Animals At Olympic Game Farm,
I'm asking you a small but effectively, big favor, please contact the USDA's Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer, Carolyn J. McKinnie DVM at:
USDA APHIS Animal Care
Pacific Northwest, Alaska, Guam, Saipan, Montana, Idaho, Utah, North & South Dakota
(740) 816-8363 (cell)
Ask her kindly to urge the Beebe family & their employees to give their animals the proper care they deserve or to release them to legitimate sanctuaries.

Also, please contact Disney's headquarters for infringement of the Disney name (see my previous update for more details on this topic). Let Disney know that you are shocked & disappointed that they would support animal neglect, abuse & cruelty. That e-mail is Phone number is (818) 560-3300

Please share this petition update with your friends, family & social media! We have to keep on pushing forward for the voiceless!

Here is my letter to USDA's Supervisory Veterinary Medical Officer:
Hi Carolyn,
I was referred to you by an anonymous source who spoke with County Commissioner Ozias in regards of the welfare of the animals at Olympic Game Farm located at 1423 Ward Rd, Sequim, WA 98382. He gave this source your contact info because we are concerned, including commissioner Ozias, that the Robert Beebe & his family, who you know own the farm, have not been caring for their animals as they claim they do via interview articles, brochures & social media.

Visitors like myself and my husband, Sequim and Washington natives are speaking up for these animals through my petition ( and the community is growing with over 2500 signatures to date. Several Washington residents contacted me, personally, asking what they can do next to see changes made as soon as possible. All who have signed this petition strongly request that pressure be applied to the Beebe family and their employees to improve the welfare of the animals located inside Olympic Game Farm. I'm contacting you for help.

My husband and I visited Olympic Game Farm, with the idea that this was a sanctuary for retired animals that were used in the entertainment industry. To our surprise, the experience was far from what you get when visiting a sanctuary. I wish I could tell you our time there was enjoyable, instead it was a heartbreaking and disappointing experience.

The drive-thru safari is dangerous for the animals walking right up to the car windows. No one is there to monitor that everyone stays compliant for the animals' sake, which also endangers the people in their cars. The animals in the open areas hardly have any shelter from harsh weather, including heat. There was little to nothing to keep them mentally stimulated and provide behavioral enrichment. Instead, the visitors are sold loaves of whole wheat bread to feed these exotic animals! Being open 7 days a week, for 7-9 hours per day, this becomes their staple diet rather than a "treat". Sometimes, we would see bread lining the ground of their enclosures because they become so full from it.

The exotic animals in smaller enclosures, not part of the safari, which include bears, wolves & coyotes, lions, etc. are seen pacing back and forth. People have mentioned this on reviews on their website, Yelp, and other social media, but no improvements have been made. Unfortunately, my husband and I didn't have a chance to look at how the reptiles and fish were housed since that section was closed off at the time, but we can only imagine it would probably be worse. The ponies and camels didn't have shelter or water, all the while they would stand in the baking sun with all their gear on, waiting to be used for rides. According to the most current USDA documents I have, the Beebe family and employees have denied veterinary care to some of the animals and denied suggested enclosure improvements. (see attachments)

Today more & more people are opening their eyes & becoming aware that animals exploited for human benefit is slavery, period. This farm, clearly, is a for profit business. Visitors see how unhappy & unhealthy the animals are at OGF & they want to see changes be made. They urge me not to give up on them. This process may be slow, but I won't give up on making sure that ALL the animals get the proper care they deserve. I'm asking you to please use your influence to push the Beebe family to provide all of their animals with much better care or to release them to a legitimate sanctuary.

I understand we all have to make a living in order to survive, but we shouldn't cause others to suffer in doing so. Animals only want the same freedom and respect we humans desire and demand, except they don't have the voice or choice. These captive, exotic animals can't go back into the wild, but they do deserve proper care from their so called caretakers. I'm surprised this farm has been operating for so long in this manner. I don't understand why you would want the community to be represented by such cruelty.

I've also sent an infringement of the Disney name to their headquarters asking the petitioners to do so as well. Myself & others will push Disney to stop Robert Beebe from using their name anymore. The anonymous source will provide me with videos & photos to send to them as well.

I've sent a personal letter to Robert Beebe and his family kindly requesting him to make positive changes for his animals. I've also voluntarily, offered ways I could help. Sadly, but to no surprise, I never received a response. He's known to defend his behavior in articles I've read that have asked him about the concerns of visitors and residents. He seems to hold on to his ego and pride, rather than care about others, let alone the animals in his "care".

I will let the petitioners know of this letter & hope to hear good news from your end.

I appreciate your time and hope for support in this matter,
Carolita McGee

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