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The Letter To Robert Beebe To Improve The Welfare of the Animals

Carolita (CrtrGrl) McGee
Carlsbad, CA, United States

Aug 25, 2017 — Hello everyone!
So some people I'm seeing on social media have an interesting perception of this petition. Many of those who have commented defensively haven't even read my petition or the updates. So this update is to remind those that have questioned their support for this petition or to answer what exactly am I'm asking of the Beebe family & Mayor Dennis Smith. I am not asking to shut down Olympic Game Farm, instead I'm asking for improvements as stated in the title of this petition. Below is the letter I wrote to Robert Beebe on July 9, 2014. He or his family did not respond to the letter. As I see more negative reviews from locals & visitors, & after my 2nd visit there with my husband this past spring, I grew more furious as to not only
why improvements haven't been made, but why have the Beebe family ignored the comments of those concerned for the welfare of the animals? Why have they ignored veterinarian advice for those animals that were sick? Why, if they care so much for the animals, do they continue not to provide them with environmental enrichment? If many professionals are stating that bread is not a healthy food or even a treat to give these exotic animals, then why not do the research, which will confirm their statements, & change to a healthier option? I have done more research on the Beebe family & other complaints they've had through the years which I will share with all of you once I organize them a bit. Below is a copy of my letter:

July 9, 2014
Mr. Robert Beebe
Olympic Game Farm
1423 Ward Rd
Sequim, WA 98382

Dear Mr. Beebe,

Not too long ago, I visited your park on my last day of vacation. My fiance and I thought that it would be a sweet way to end our Hoh backpacking & nature venture with a one on one experience with animals that were, from my understanding, retired from the entertainment industry and rescued orphans. I was excited and couldn’t wait to see this awesome “sanctuary”. I could begin to tell you about our experience there, instead I would like to propose and volunteer an idea to you and your family’s business.

Of course, we were pleased to see some of the animals roaming freely in good-sized outdoor spaces. Even though we were nervous driving through, hoping not to hit any animals approaching, it was great having such a close up interactive experience. It reminded me of my childhood when my family and I visited Six Flags Great Adventure’s Safari Park in New Jersey. At that time, we were allowed to drive our own cars through, but now things have improved for the safety of both the animals and people. I’ve attached a link to a video to give you an idea of the set up:

As you can see via the video, the idea is to update Olympic Game Farm’s business focus a bit. Presently, your park is different than your sanctuary-like advertisement posted on your website. When visiting the park, people can see it’s not just a one on one with the animals. The main focus should be the close up/interactive experience. Having some of the other animals housed in confined quarters not only gives out a negative reputation to the park, resulting in mixed and negative customer reviews, but the business loses its focus. This leads to poor business management and disorganization causing a chain reaction of unhappy animals, employees and customers.

My proposal is the following:
- Become a sanctuary drive thru safari & walk in petting zoo only. One on one with the animals. Stay focused on just that.
- Cut down on the amount of bears in one given area, allowing for expansion with toys, pool & proper shelter for each remaining bear. All other bears could be transferred to sanctuaries.
- Keep the safari, but instead of cars, give a guided tour in a safari bus much like the one in the video.
- Provide healthier treats such as fruits, vegetables, nuts & hay to some of the guests to feed throughout the tour.
- Network with your local farmers to provide the produce needed. No more bread! Guests become interactive in helping the farm maintain a healthy environment, which helps the business & it’s enjoyable!

- ALL other animals in confined enclosures, (bear, arctic fox, wolves, tigers, lion, including reptiles & fish), could be placed in sanctuaries/loving homes that can provide better care for them.
- Expand the petting zoo & make the park’s entrance more inviting & colorful. Have the drive thru safari in the background & petting zoo up front. Again, feed the petting zoo animals alfalfa, hay, pellets, nuts, fruit, etc.
- Give guests an option to adopt their own favorite animal in the park where they can donate money, toys, etc. Send them small tokens of gratitude such as pics of the animal, including their name & updates on how he/she is doing.
- Give employees a more professional, still comfortable look with t-shirts or safari shirts advertising the farm. I strongly believe that a better & more caring attitude comes with a positive environment. When I visited the park the employees were cursing around children & looked like they weren’t happy with their jobs at all. To be blunt, they all looked like they just got out of bed with yesterday’s clothes.

This all can be done via fundraising to cover any additional costs:
- Make this a fun community gathering & advertise with local papers. Have people become interactive in rebuilding OGF. Also, you could use crowdfunding like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc.
- Use PETA & similar pro animal organizations to your advantage by letting them know of the improvements the farm is trying to make so they can spread the word & help out.

I would think of this proposal as a compromise to more negative reviews which can lead to protests, etc. to shut down the farm. I have personally proven back when I worked for the pet shop industry, that by caring for the animals’ welfare you benefit and reap the results in business in more ways than one. I’ve helped these businesses become successful and grow. I owned my own pet sitting business for over 10 years and continue to work in the animal field. I know what people are attracted to and it boils down to honesty and compassion. It’s a win-win for you, your family, your business, your paying guests and the animals.

I would be happy to provide any assistance I can to help implement some of the improvements. I’m willing to volunteer my time, skills and knowledge to you and I do hope you will allow me to assist in improving Olympic Game Farm in any way I can. I’m ready...are you?

Best Regards

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