Improve the quality of after sale service for Royal Enfield

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As the sales of Royal Enfields Bikes have increased year on year from selling 50000 units in 2010 to 450000 in 2015, level of after sale services have dropped drastically. Most of the authorized service centers are either ill equipped or over burdened to cater to the high volumes of bikes being sold.

There are a large number of anecdotal evidences wherein the service centres have kept the bike for full day and returned it by only washing it and charging exorbitant amounts. Even during free services, the bikes are not serviced properly, and service centers have zero sensitivity towards the customers. Repeated complaints result in higher servicing bills and forced replacements of spare parts.

You can understand the frustration of your customers which is forcing us to start a signature campaign against the makers of our favorite bike.

Bullet for most of us is a way of life rather than just a bike. As customers we are very emotional about the ride and expect RE to display same sort of sensitivity in after sale services. 

While the bike is a pleasure to ride and own, the after sales service leaves a sour taste in the mouth and a hole in the pocket of riders.

It's high time that management take cognizance of the customer's voice and improve the quality of after sale services.