Improve Safety @ Sutton/Lake Rd and NYS Rt15 Intersection

Improve Safety @ Sutton/Lake Rd and NYS Rt15 Intersection

15. August 2022
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Gestartet von Greg Norry

Who has to die before something is done at the corner of Sutton Rd/Lake Rd & RT 15!
I’ve lived 3 houses down from the intersection for 21 years and every year there are bad accidents. I’m not talking fender benders. I’m talking about high speed T-Bone accidents.
Tonight I helped get 2 little girls 2 & 4yrs old out through the smashed windshield. The 2 yr old was not responsive or breathing until the EMTs got there. I held the 4yr old in my arms reassuring her that she was ok and by a miracle she only had a cut on her leg and arm. Her Dad had multiple cuts across his head and back. The Dad’s girlfriend was trapped inside and not responsive. Firemen had to cut the car apart to get her out and was sent to to Strong Hospital by Mercy Flight.
Having a 4yr old’s blood on me really pisses me off and I’ve had enough.

I measured distance and times on this intersection.
*From Sutton Rd looking north it’s 75 yards to where you can 1st see a car crest the hill. That comes out to 4 seconds of time before impact.
*Looking to the south there is a dip in the road that is 90 yards away and with shadows from trees, cars can disappear. That comes out to 5 seconds before impact.

One of three things needs to be done.
1. 4 Way Stop Sign.
2. A full traffic light. A flashing light will do NO good because you still can’t see oncoming traffic.
3. Lower the speed limit to 40mph from Rts 5&20 to the town of Lakeville. There are multiple bad intersections south of Sutton Rd. 390, Triphammer Rd, Quicklees Gas Station, Rt 256.

Thank you for signing this petition

Greg Norry
5641 Sutton Rd 
Avon, NY 14414

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885 Unterschriften:Nächstes Ziel: 1.000
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