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Improve Facebook's Customer Service

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Dear Mark and members of Facebook Management --

Congratulations on building a communications & entertainment platform that serves hundreds of millions of people worldwide (and kudos on making a fortune while doing so). One Billion for Instagram?!?!? You guys must be swimming in money.

Now that you've got hundreds of millions of customers (and yes, even though we don't pay for the platform, we are your customers -- without us, there'd be no revenue stream for your company), it is time you start treating us a little better and providing us with actual customer service. After all, we're not only your customers, we also generate the majority of your content.

This is what we want you to do (and if you're already doing it, you're doing a lousy job, because we can't find the solutions we need):

1) Create a page that updates us all on changes, outages, known problems and resolutions, etc. that we can go to whenever we're experiencing a problem so we know if we're the only one's experiencing (and we need to fix it) or if it's a problem on your site (and you're working on fixing it). You have a page like this, but it is infrequently updated. We know you have more problems than those listed. We experience them.

2) Provide a link where, when we are having problems that can't be resolved by looking at your community-provided solutions page (which you need to make easier to find & navigate), we can actually send a message to customer support and get a response back within 24 hours or less. Feel free to have your geniuses automate as much of this as possible, but also hire actual customer service representatives (yes -- real live people) to respond to those inquiries which can't be handled by an algorithm. There appears to be no way to send a message to anyone in your company unless we want to advertise. Ask a few friends of yours to find a "contact customer service" link anywhere on your site and see how long it takes before they give up.

3) Change the way you handle customers who your algorithms determine are posting "spammy remarks." Just because someone (usually as a community page) is making the same post on numerous pages does not make them a spammer -- especially when the post is important and relevant to the pages on which they are being posted. When your algorithms determine there is the possibility that one is spamming, then you should have a customer service rep or a quality assurance rep or whomever (as long as it is a live person) actually take a read of those posts and the pages to which they were posted and determine if it is spam or not.

Here's an example of how your system recently treated one of your customers,

--- On April 21st, your customer began posting commentary and links to a petition to keep student loan rates from doubling on July 1st. The commentary was not abusive, the links went to reputable news articles on the matter, and the petition was a reputable one posted by U.S. PIRG ( ).

--- After posting to a couple of hundred political-interest, student-interest and other relevant community pages, your customer received a pop-up window notification that it had been posting spam and would be banned from posting on any other pages for 15 days. There was no warning to slow down (as there used to be). There was no "enter the squiggly letters" in the box mechanism. Nothing. Your customer was then immediately signed out of Facebook, automatically, by Facebook, without any explanation.

--- Upon logging back in, your customer was asked to verify themselves to make sure the account had not been hacked. After correctly identifying pictures of friends, your customer was signed back on. Then, using the Facebook "as" page for, your customer went to respond to a comment (an affirmative comment, mind you) someone had made to an earlier post. When your customer responded, the comment was blocked and another pop-up window appeared informing your customer that they have been blocked from making any posts or comments for 60 days. The warning also indicated that continued posting of spam after that might result in permanent account suspension/deletion.

--- As you are aware, there is no appeals process which your customer can take. There is no customer service representative to contact. In fact, your "help," section specifically states that there's no way for Facebook to unblock the account. You appear to be totally helpless against your algorithms. Do you need us to send help? Are you being held against your will?

PLEASE -- provide a customer service contact staffed by real people for your customers. We're making you billionaires, it's the least you can do for us (and creating some jobs wouldn't hurt you either).

I'm sure there will be plenty of other suggestions for you in the comments section made by many of your other customers who have also been dissatisfied with your service. Please accept all of these as constructive criticisms meant to improve your service and your bottom line.

Thank you,
Hundreds of Millions of Us

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